Online quality training

Online quality training at OREX Pro - more than 50 online courses to quickly improve process and product quality. On a convenient schedule and only necessary topics. Individual sessions. Exactly when you need it.
  • Project plan, project work team structure, communication, quality management system (QMS) development procedure.
  • Detailed examination of the requirements of the applicable international standards in relation to external regulatory requirements.
  • Methods for managing non-conformities, methods for analysing and solving problems, work with equipment, building a supplier quality management system and much more.
  • Risk management requirements and practices.
  • Specification of the management system of the organisations through the identification of processes. Designing process structure, interaction procedures and process evaluation criteria through performance and effectiveness indicators (KPIs).
  • Internal quality management system audit, supplier audit. Process audit, product audit. Implementation of improvements based on audit results.

Online quality training c OREX pro

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    Work with international experts

    Online quality training with us is not a recorded course, but working with a lecturer who has many years of experience in the topic of training. Each training participant has the opportunity to ask questions and receive advice on his or her task and individual case.

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    Interactivity of online quality training

    We want every OREX quality online training to be as effective as possible for our customers, so that the information and knowledge communicated can be successfully applied in the organisations of our training participants. This is why all online quality training includes live discussions and dialogues, examples and practical exercises, photos and videos.

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    Individual schedule and training program

    Online quality training, just like any other training in OREX Pro, has a tailor-made individual programme based on the needs of the customer. This allows teaching only the topics and practices that are needed, looking at examples from the industry of the customers of the training. In terms of schedule, online quality training has a great advantage over classroom training, as it allows training to take place anywhere and at any time that is convenient.

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    Certificate as a result of the training

    Upon completion of the training programme, we conduct a knowledge check and issue a certificate of participation in the training. The certificate contains details of the duration of the training, a summary of the online quality training program.

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