Training ISO 9001

In spite of popular opinion ISO 9001 training is not mandatory for successful QMS certification, however, it is the most frequent service of OREX. ISO 9001 training helps to develop and implement a quality management system without involving a consultant, in addition, it is always "welcomed" by auditors. The ISO 9001 training program covers:
  • Get to know ISO 9001 standard is very useful. Knowledge of the standard requirements helps to use the variability in the application of ISO 9001 in practice to find better and more convenient solutions
  • The training program includes examples of approaches and documents from various companies, i.e. quality Policy and objectives, process map, process scheme, KPIs, context analysis, risk management methodology and risk register, method for analyzing the causes of non-compliance, personnel qualification matrix, job description, work instructions, assignment of improvements, etc.
  • In training ISO 9001 we use photo and video materials that we specifically collect and update for each training.
  • All our ISO 9001 training includes group work, as a result of which the first solutions of the future quality management system are formed. During ISO 9001 training process, the drafts of process map, process schemes, criteria for supplier selection and evaluation, control plan, process and company risks are identified.
  • For those participants who successfully pass the training we present the certificate.
  • Training ISO 9001 helps to relieve stress and resistance of staff at the start of a project to implement a quality management system. Very often, the "opponents" of the QMS after ISO 9001 training start to support the implementation of the system.

Training ISO 9001 c OREX pro

  • 01

    Less theory more practice

    Brief study of the theory, comparison of the theory with existing management practices in the company, consideration of examples, creation of own developments. All practical materials resulting from ISO 9001 training are used in the implementation of the quality management system.

  • 02

    Certified experts

    All OREX Pro experts who conduct ISO 9001 training have lead auditor certificates, regular audit practice as well as practice in development and maintaining the QMS in their organizations.

  • 03

    Online and on-site training

    OREX Pro provides on-site training at production facilities, training during plant trips to other production facilities, and webinars.

  • 04

    Different duration

    ISO 9001 training can last for 2 hours, or it can last for 2-3 weeks in a modular program. The duration is very different, depending on the goals of ISO 9001 training and, accordingly, the group of participants.

  • 05

    The best price

    ISO 9001 training in OrexPro is profitable, since the cost of training services depends not on the number of participants, but on the duration and program of training. Very often, the customer's team of specialists is trained in OrexPro at the cost of one participant offered by other organizations

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