Training on maintenance

Today, it is impossible to imagine a successful business without well established equipment maintenance processes and competent personnel. OREX offers training on equipment maintenance, which will allow you to build a maintenance process with predictable results, budget and timing.
  • Maintenance organization is the main section of the training on maintenance and deals with a wide range of issues from the number of engineering staff to the forms of maintenance reporting documentation.
  • It is impossible to build an effective maintenance system without tools such as SMED, 5S, FMEA/RCM.
  • In our training on maintenance we explain how to properly plan a budget, which budget lines to include and how to properly manage your costs..
  • The training on maintenance covers performance and efficiency indicator management system: MTBF, MTTR, MTBCF, predictive monitoring, planned and unplanned shutdowns, OEE.
  • In this training section we transfer knowledge on adressed storage, planning of critical spare parts, risk assessment.
  • The training on maintenance is accompanied by practice and examples of documentation of the maintenance process.
  • The training on maintenance concludes with a test, which results in the certificate issuance to the trainees.

Training on maintenance c OREX pro

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    OREX offers a unique opportunity to be trained by current engineering managers from leading companies. We never give just the theory, which you can simply read in the available literature, articles. We focus on the practical application of the processes..

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    Experience of leading companies

    We train on the best and current practices of existing and successful companies such as VW, Continental, Rusal and Magna.

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    Broad target audience

    The training on maintenance will be useful for both newcomers and those who have been in the maintenance service for a long time and want to see opportunities for further development for themselves.

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    High satisfaction of the audience

    99% of our clients leave positive feedback on our training on equipment maintenance. 60% of the clients return to us for new knowledge.

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    Unique training methods and location

    We provide training on maintenance both in the classroom and remotely. It is also possible to provide the training in the workshop, near the equipment.

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