Internal Auditor Training ISO 9001

Internal auditor training ISO 9001 in external prestigious organization, with examinations for participants and issue of training certificates is one of the most frequent requirements of the customers, and external ISO 9001 auditors. There is an explanation for this: the internal audit of the QMS is recognized as the most effective tool for evaluating and then assigning the improvements in the quality management system. The internal audit should be conducted by qualified and certified experts who have successfully passed the internal auditor training. This is why the training program for internal auditors has been developed by OREX Pro with particular care, both in terms of content and duration.
  • ISO 19011 is about the audits and reflects the best practices of internal QMS audits. Internal auditor training is based on the study of ISO 19011 and the requirements of the standard that is implemented in the organization (ISO 9001, IATF 16949)
  • The internal auditor competence profile, professional and personal characteristics are identified during the training.
  • Photo materials help to "immerse" the participants in internal audit process. Internal auditors learn to audit the process globally, not to make hasty conclusions based on the first observation.
  • There is a lot of group work in the internal auditors training, since the acquisition of competence itself is possible only through skill, through the practice of internal audit. Participants motivate each other, learn how to conduct audits in non-standard situations.
  • Successfully passed participants receive the certificate.

Internal Auditor Training ISO 9001 c OREX pro

  • 01

    Acquisition of audit knowledge and skills

    For a successful internal audit, good knowledge of the quality management system is certainly important, but also the ability of the internal auditor to listen, hear, observe, analyze, and draw conclusions. Therefore, internal auditor training provides: drawing up an audit plan, drawing up and adding a checklist, conducting interviews, analyzing the documentation of the audited process, comparing audit evidence and finding contradictions, reasoning, and correctly formulating audit conclusions.

  • 02

    Training audit on the Customer's process

    Very often, in the process of internal auditor training, we practice real internal audit on the Customer's chosen process. We find potential for process improvement, train internal auditors, conduct witness audit (watch the auditor as the third side), and learn.

  • 03

    Online and offline training

    Internal auditor training, we can conduct face to face or remotely. Both training options are effective and provide the acquisition of interview skills, observations, and evaluation of documentation.

  • 04

    Useful and not boring

    Very often, in the process of internal auditor training ISO 9001, when conducting analyses of their own processes, potentials for improvement are identified. The "two in one" effect is also confirmed by the very positive emotional atmosphere of internal auditors training. And our photo materials will definitely make everyone smile.

  • 05

    Favorable cost of training

    Training of internal QMS auditors in Orex Pro is profitable, since the cost of training services depends not on the number of participants, but on the duration and program of training. Training of internal auditors in remote format allows you to eliminate travel itself and travel expenses while maintaining high quality and effectiveness of the training.

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