Business process training

Business process training is an important step in the implementation of management system projects, business process description, business process re-engineering. The task of the OREX Pro expert is not only to model and set up processes, but also to transfer knowledge to customer's employees on how to implement the business process on a daily basis, how to analyse it, how to implement changes and how to make improvements. In this regard, it is worth spending time and investment on business process training to save time and money in the future. The business process training program at OREX includes the following topics:
  • To understand how to manage a business process, it is necessary to first understand what the process approach is, why the process approach is considered the best alternative to management by organisational structure. In this block we discuss the objectives of processes, their interconnections, interactions and existence together with the traditional organizational structure in a company.
  • Business process management is based on the PDCA principle, a simple but most successful one, as it forces decision-making on the planning, implementation, monitoring and improvement of processes.
  • Business process analysis should be easy, based on objective data and with the right conclusions.
  • Based on the results of the business process analysis, we educate on how and which actions to take to improve the processes.

Business process training c OREX pro

  • 01

    Training on customer processes

    It is easy for a training company to prepare a standard training material and then replicate it in all training sessions. However, this approach fails because for the participants of the training the examples of one company seem to be unsuitable, incomprehensible and completely different to the business processes that their company implements. That is why our business process training always takes place on the Customer's processes, i.e. designers analyse the processes of design and supervision, metallurgists - the processes of blending and casting, and a fitness club - the process of training coaches and selling fitness services.

  • 02

    The aim is to teach, not to tell

    We are well aware that business process training is a transfer of unique knowledge, it is a "launch to sail on your own" without the involvement of OREX experts. That's why many consultants teach without detail, what is called "on the topsides", leaving all the nuances to themselves in order to get an additional order for consulting services. OREX experts are not afraid to share their knowledge in full, as they are not afraid of being out of work, as they are constantly developing and have a wide range of competencies.

  • 03

    Much practice and little theory

    Business process training is accompanied by examples, prepared case studies. As part of the training, we practice: defining requirements for process results, considering the voice of the "inner consumer", the ability to analyse process data, recognise correlations, the ability to assess the objectivity and plausibility of the information presented and much more.

  • 04

    Business process online training and workshop

    OREX conducts on-site training at production facilities, training during excursions to other companies and online business process training.

  • 05

    Cost-effective services

    Business process training services at OREX are priced based on the expert's workload, not the number of trainees. Therefore, business process training at OREX Pro is always more cost-effective for the management team than elsewhere.

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