Training VDA 6.3

Training VDA 6.3 is one of the most popular trainings. VDA 6.3 is one of the few successful international practices of process audits. Method developed by specialists of the German automotive industry. You’ll build an effective method to conduct process audits both at the stages of project implementation and in mass production. The VDA 6.3 training program covers:
  • Training VDA 6.3 consists of several modules. From basic training for "newcomers" to the detailed requirements for project audits, serial production, supplier audits, design and development process audits, service delivery audits.
  • All OREX pro trainers have up to date VDA 6.3 auditor qualification.
  • Few people know, but the VDA 6.3 audit can be performed for companies that provide services.
  • We issue an international type of certificate. For your customers and external auditors, it will serve as a strong evidence of your auditors’ competence.

Training VDA 6.3 c OREX pro

  • 01

    Practical examples

    OREX pro auditors will not only lecture and teach you how to apply the VDA 6.3 audit methodology, but also share a questionnaire and examples on how to fulfill the requirements. If you wish, we can conduct a joint audit of VDA 6.3 on your site and / or organize an audit at another company as an exchange of experience.

  • 02

    Development of behavioral skills of the auditors

    Training VDA 6.3 will explain you about the audit ethics principles, about the ways to face the objections, and about the psychology as well as share some interesting examples from practice.

  • 03

    Understanding the VDA methodology

    Only OREX pro honestly states that learning the classic VDA 6.3 approach doesn't make sense without understanding a whole series of VDA standards. For example, VGA 1, VGA 2, VGA 6.5, VGA maturity level assurance, etc. Only with us you can acquire the full amount of knowledge in a single training session. Yes, it will take a little more time than just training VDA 6.3, but significantly less than if you separately apply for all methodologies.

  • 04

    The best price

    We guarantee you the lowest prices for the volume and quality of knowledge provided.

  • 05

    Follow up support

    After completing the training VDA 6.3, you will receive free support for 6 months. We answer your questions, share examples, give some tips, etc.

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