5S training

5S training is conducted at the beginning of the 5S implementation project. It enables the transfer of knowledge to the working group about the 5S system, its implementation stages, best practices and mistakes that can be made. 5S training is most effective for conducting corporate training for representatives of one Client, as the 5S training content includes specific and familiar workplaces for the 5S training participants.
  • 5S training always looks at the place of the 5S system in the customer's overall management system.
  • Sorting, keeping order, maintaining cleanliness, standardization, improvement - the classic stages of the 5S system are covered in the training at OREX using examples from the Customer's workplaces or with live photo footage. We guarantee "immersion" in the subject.
  • We identify the 5S implementation plan in specific activities, timelines and performers.
  • At the end of the training we look at methods for monitoring the implemented 5S system. This 5S training module looks at both the methodology and the psychology of sustaining innovation in organizations.

5S training c OREX pro

  • 01

    Practical approach

    As part of the 5S training at the Customer's site, we use their "material" to study the 5S system. This is an example of a workplace that "lives out" all the stages of 5S in practice together with the training participants.

  • 02

    Implementation of the 5S system after training

    Other workplaces are included in the training content, on the improvement of which the Customer's working group works independently and submits it to the 5S OREX expert as homework. As a result of this approach, the Customer receives not only trained staff with practical 5S skills, but also a plan of activities for the implementation of 5S at specific workplaces.

  • 03

    Certified practitioner experts

    Our trainers have not only been trained in lean manufacturing in general, the 5S system in particular in international companies, but have also implemented multiple projects on the implementation of 5S in various companies. That is why 5S training, according to our Customers' feedback, is highly effective and ends with a period of free support.

  • 04

    Free post-training support

    We support the working group in the implementation of 5S with free consultations, video conferences, advice and answers to questions. We follow the same objective with the customer, as the 5S training is not for training purposes, but for putting knowledge into practice.

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