Training Risk Management

Risk Management training is aimed at learning a risk-based approach. Risk management is an important practice in the management system of every organization, as it helps to anticipate the emergence of problems, prepare in advance for them, or eliminate the possibility of problems altogether. Risk management training is intended for company managers, process owners, project managers. Risk management training in OREX Pro is a practical training in all stages of risk management.
  • The ISO 31000 standard defines approaches to risk management. We take its methodology as a basis in our service Risk management training.
  • Obtaining information to search for and identify risks is the most difficult, but also the most valuable stage in risk management. That is why the topic of working with the context of the organization is covered in detail in our training on risk management.
  • Risk assessment is very often implemented in organizations formally, subjectively. The results of the risk assessment are "tailored" to the desired category so that the risk becomes less significant and does not need to be managed. Risk management training in OREX pro provides practical examples of how to eliminate this formalism.
  • The training program reveals the various activities that can be implemented by an organization to manage risk.
  • Risk management training includes comprehensive work on identification, description, assessment, ranking of risks of the Customer's process, as well as drafting a program of measures to manage significant risks.
  • Risk management training culminates in written or oral testing. As a result of training, we issue certificates.

Training Risk Management c OREX pro

  • 01

    Acquisition of knowledge and skills in risk management

    Risk management training has the main task - to teach training participants to apply the ISO 31000 methodology to the processes, projects, products of their organization; integrate risk management into the daily activities of the company; talk about management tools, including how to manage risks, on which the Customer's organization has little or no influence.

  • 02

    Practical material with examples and forms

    Risk management training contains collected practical material from OREX Pro experts. These are examples of the formation of risk management teams, forms of identification and assessment of risks, forms of monitoring measures for risk management, risk re-assessment.

  • 03

    Certified Lecturers

    Our lecturers not only studied risk management in international companies, but also repeatedly implemented projects to implement risk management in various companies and with different focus: in relation to the product, to processes, to new projects, to the organization as a whole. That is why the Risk Management training according to the feedback from our customers is highly practical and different from all other trainings on the market.

  • 04

    Various forms and duration of training

    Online training on risk management or corporate training on the territory of the Customer, a detailed program with practical assignments and review courses - we practice a variety of forms and duration of training.

  • 05

    Profitable training

    Profitable training in risk management in OREX Pro means: - the cost calculation is not based on the number of participants, but on the number of academic hours of training and the training program. That is why it is beneficial to conduct corporate training for a group of the Customer's employees with us.

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