Training on management systems

Training on management systems is the most comprehensive training that reveals, step-by-step, all the practices for developing and implementing a business management system. All practices for management system processes are individually tailored to each customer's training program. The standard training program on management systems covers the following topics:
  • Tasks and members of the system
  • Strategy, Policy, Action Plan. SWOT / PESTLE analysis.
  • Development of a process model. Approaches to process management. Monitoring of processes according to indicators.
  • est management practices for processes: marketing, sales, procurement, design and development, production preparation, production, quality control, storage, transport, HR management, maintenance, service, IT process support, etc.
  • Training on methods for analysing process data, handling non-conformities and trends. Process audit. System audit. Management practices for system improvement.
  • Lean production practices, balance of results and process costsпроизводства.

Training on management systems c OREX pro

  • 01

    Modern and tried-and-tested management practices

    We don't read out texts, we share expert experience gathered and tested at over 100 organisations in Russia and in foreign companies.

  • 02

    Individual training programmes on management systems

    Our management systems training programmes are modular, with the customer choosing the topics and management practices to study himself.

  • 03

    Individual consultations and a personalised timetable

    Training on management systems with OREX takes place in personal online consultations, according to an agreed timetable.

  • 04

    Practical materials

    Within the framework of training on management systems, we provide the customer with materials and examples for the development of a business management system.

  • 05

    Tasks and assessment of performance

    Training on management systems is implemented as a coaching programme, where the customer performs the tasks according to the training programme. The results of the completed tasks are assessed by an OREX expert as part of the next training lesson.

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