Training Quality Management Tools

Quality management tools such as FMEA, APQP, PPAP are mandatory not only for automotive suppliers. Many of them are widely used in instrumentation, in quality management systems for the aviation and railway industries, in food and pharmaceutical industries. Training Quality Management Tools is a course that allows you to learn about each tool, relationship, contribution to process and product quality assurance. The OREX Pro quality management tools training program covers:
  • APQP Advanced Product Quality Planning
  • PPAP Production Part Approval Process
  • FMEA Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
  • MSA Measurement Systems Analysis
  • SPC Statistical Process Control
  • RGA Maturity Level Assurance for new Parts
  • 8D problem solving method

Training Quality Management Tools c OREX pro

  • 01

    Experienced experts

    You learn all the quality management tools at the OREX Pro training from specialists who not only themselves were trained on this topic, but also implement the functioning of quality management methods in everyday practice in their organizations, OREX Pro customer organizations. Thanks to deep expertise and wide experience, you will receive advice on how to implement the tools in your daily practice.

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    Practical examples and exchange of experience

    During the training, we demonstrate forms, real examples from processes and projects, talk about successful practices and failures, in order to transfer to the training participants not only knowledge, but also examples that they can use in their organizations. In addition, long-term trainings on the study of quality management methods include "homework", which the participants of the training carry out on the example of their processes and situations, the results of this work are considered and evaluated within the framework of our training.

  • 03

    The goal is to teach

    We do not set the task of "telling about quality management methods", as we understand the main goal of the training as "teaching". We are able to train both trained specialists and beginners. In our trainings, all information is based on standards, guidelines, but is presented in understandable language.

  • 04

    Post-training support

    Quality management methods are practical tools that cannot be implemented in the evenings after training or in one week. We want to be sure that our training in quality management methods is effective, therefore we provide post-training support within 6 months after training, answering questions, providing advice to our participants.

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