Training FMEA

Training FMEA is a popular training for product and process development organizations. FMEA is a method that allows you to determine the types of potential defects, failures (nonconformities) of products, their causes and consequences in order to take preventive measures. At its core, it is a method of managing product and / or process risk. The FMEA method has become widespread in the quality management system of suppliers of the automotive, aviation, and military industries. Now it is required for the use by customers of a large number of industries, especially in the design and development of new products, when there are no validation results, quality control, and no complaints statistics. FMEA training at OREX pro is conducted for employees who are learning this method for the first time, as well as for thosewho wants to undergo FMEA training on a new version in order to update knowledge.
  • An introductory part of the FMEA training, which acquaints the participants with the goal and objectives of the method, with the rule of 10-fold increase in the cost of processing a defect, with the process of occurrence and prevention of defects.
  • FMEA method is not used separately, it is integrated into quality management, risk management and knowledge management. How to put it into practice, in what order and by what group of employees - our second training module speaks about it.
  • FMEA training reveals the basics of the following practices: Ishikawa method, method 5 Why, Mindmap, Brainstorming techniques.
  • The main training time is devoted directly to the FMEA steps, the practice of filling out the FMEA form in 7 steps: planning, structure analysis, function analysis, defect analysis, risk analysis, optimization and documentation (presentation of results).
  • As part of FMEA training, we carry out FMEA analysis by filling out forms.
  • All participants in the FMEA training will additionally get acquainted with examples of FMEA analyzes of companies as part of the training.
  • FMEA training ends with an exam and a certificate of participation in the training.

Training FMEA c OREX pro

  • 01

    Individual approach and program

    When conducting FMEA training, we use an individual approach to each customer, depending on the goal of the training. This can be a two-hour online training or a five-day workshop with a visit to the enterprise and the creation of not a project, but a ready-made FMEA analysis for a selected process or product.

  • 02

    The goal is to teach

    We do not set the task of "telling about the new version of FMEA", as we understand the main goal of the training. And it is not about "telling", but about "teaching." We ourselves are constantly faced with orders, when participants have repeatedly undergone short and extended FMEA trainings, but have not yet performed a single analysis, or continue to receive comments on FMEA analysis during audits. We do a lot of hands-on exercises, show a lot of examples in order to be sure that the transfer of knowledge was successful.

  • 03

    Practical lecturers

    Our lecturers have performed and are conducting FMEA analyzes in their companies or in the framework of OREX pro projects. Moreover, our experts were among the first to implement projects based on the new version of FMEA.

  • 04

    FMEA form

    As a result of the training, participants receive an FMEA form, which will subsequently be used in the analysis.

  • 05

    Post-training support

    FMEA training is a training aimed at ensuring that the customers of the training successfully use the method in their work. We know the peculiarities of training, when everything is clear within the framework of working with our expert, and after the completion of the FMEA training, despite all the examples and practices, questions continue to arise. We provide free post-training support for 6 months after the FMEA training is completed; we answer all questions from our customers.

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