Training Quality Manager

Quality Manager training is a unique course in OREX Pro that provides complete training for the person responsible for the quality management system in the organization. Topics and training schedule, as well as examples and practical exercises, are determined based on the needs of the customer's organization. Quality Manager training is an individual program for the development and improvement of your quality management system. The Quality Manager training program covers the study of management practices in the following areas:
  • Project plan, project working group, communication, procedure for designing a quality management system (QMS).
  • Study the requirements of the quality management system as applied to the industry of the customer's organization. Applied approaches, practices of management systems.
  • The implementation of QMS is, among other things, the introduction of quality management tools that allow you to collect objective data, correctly analyze and improve the management system.
  • Management of the audit program, which is included in the functionality of a quality manager, presupposes a good command of the methods and psychology of various types of audit.

Training Quality Manager c OREX pro

  • 01

    Individual training program

    Implementation of a quality management system presupposes that a quality specialist has a good command of various quality management tools. The most common tools are FMEA, APQP, 5 Why, Pareto analysis, KPI system. When drawing up and agreeing a training program for a quality manager, OREX Pro, based on data about the customer's organization, selects those methods that will successfully implement and develop a quality management system in accordance with the best industry practices.

  • 02

    Practical examples and exchange of experience

    OREX Pro experts have a very extensive experience in implementing quality management systems, which allows them to demonstrate examples, to confidently recommend approaches to the implementation of requirements, for example, what kind of processes, what KPIs for the most significant results, how to assess and respond to risks, how to implement product quality control, how to maintain equipment and manage environmental parameters, how to automate the quality management system and much more.

  • 03

    Individual training schedule

    All training organizations offer short-term Quality Manager trainings, which upon completion leaves specialists with a large amount of information and even more questions that arise daily in the process of QMS implementation. We offer various training schedules for quality managers: long-term training programs with breaks for the phased implementation of the acquired knowledge into practice, training in the evening or on weekends, short-term overview training sessions.

  • 04

    Guarantee of the result of Quality Manager training

    Achieving the result is the main task of Quality Manager training. What we guarantee: You will gain knowledge and methods for your role as a quality manager (quality management representative), You will learn how to optimally and effectively develop a process-oriented quality management system taking into account a risk-based approach, You will be able to lead the project, take on the role of the representative of top management for quality in your organization, You will receive a full range of knowledge both on the requirements of standards and on related quality management tools that need to be implemented in your organization. You don't need to look for additional training courses.

  • 05

    Certificate as a result of training

    Upon completion of the training program, we conduct knowledge control, issue a certificate of participation in the training. The certificate contains data on the duration of training, a brief overview of the training program for a quality manager

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