Business process audit

Business process audit

What is a business process audit? What for?

Business process audit is profitable.
1. Audit of processes gives a clear answer
a. what is the actual result of the business process,
b. how much better or worse this result is than other organizations in the industry
c. how much better or worse this result is than in previous periods

2. The results of the business process audit provide information,
a. what are the risks of the business process, and
b. what opportunities the process as a whole has.
Thus, the audit allows you to give an objective assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the business process.

3. Audit provides information about the personnel involved in the process, namely:
a. how many employees and what qualifications are involved in the process
b. are there any deficiencies in competencies, unique competencies
c. whether there are duplicate or unallocated functions

4. In the field of technology or algorithm for the implementation of the process, the audit allows you to identify existing losses, and therefore ways of optimization.

The result of the audit should be the setting of a goal for improving the process, accompanied by specific KPIs, activities and responsibilities.

The process audit approach is provided by VDA 6.3.

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