Implementation of ISO 9001. Feedback from the Customer

The QMS ISO 9001 project during the pandemic time

It is a pleasure to receive feedback from customers, especially when the ISO 9001 QMS implementation project was carried out in a pandemic environment for which no one was prepared. Informal and formal feedback, just after the completion of the project and especially some time later, will allow us to look back and remember the special moments of the quality management system implementation project.

Every project is a place of work, it is new lessons, conclusions, a new round of development. Every project is something to keep worrying about, no matter whether it was a short-term or long-term project, simple or complex. The details are of course forgotten over time, but the two main impressions remain forever, namely:

  • the people you met and worked together on the project
  • the best results and the failures.

An ISO 9001 consulting project is always a two-way training, for the consultant and the customer.

In this respect, comprehensive ISO 9001 QMS consultancy projects are particularly interesting because they:

  • cover all company processes (and in this case, it does not matter that the financial block is not taken into account in the requirements of ISO 9001)
  • make you work on improvement in a broad range of areas. There are no two identical “priority” areas in ISO 9001 consultancy
  • last for a long time. It is also valuable for the consultant because it gives him time to get satisfaction from the results of his work, tips, innovations
  • включают include various forms of work – from the development of documentation, workplace assessments, to clean-up days and training (Read more about ISO 9001 training)
  • include consultations on strategy and new objectives for the company, i.e. it allows to visualize what the company plans to be after the ISO 9001 QMS project in the future.


The consultancy for SPECPRICEP was just that: interesting, but also out of the ordinary; for the first time there was online training on ISO 9001 requirements and internal audit, on handling and analysing non-conformities, on risk management; remote meetings, motivational briefings and much more, which allowed maintaining constant presence and supervision of the project by the consultant. The project was implemented as planned, thanks to the well-coordinated work of the entire SPECPRICEP team and the involvement of top management.

We thank SPECPRICEP for their feedback on our cooperation and wish them further prosperity and successful international orders!

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