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Our company has been successfully providing management systems training for a long time. We provide a wide variety of management trainings to meet the needs of our customers. In most cases, our customers, before ordering training with us, talk about previous negative experiences. It is not an ideal option, but a forced one, when we “rewrite” the IATF 16949 training, talk about quality management methods anew, argue in favor of new approaches to the business management system, and much more …

How to choose the management systems training of the highest quality?

Opportunities, expectations for training in management systems have changed. As before, a management system training of high quality means

  • the required learning outcome
  • for a reasonable cost.

QMS training can be very diverse. To achieve the result of training in management systems, we carefully query the customer about this, we recommend the most optimal or correct options. For instance,

  • It is illogical to study SPC, MSA quality management methods separately
  • Training here is based on the initial knowledge of the requirements of international standards, according to which the internal audit is to be carried out.

The cost of training in management systems, of course, is customized. Here, as elsewhere in procurement, it is advisable to compare offers and get the result expressed in the ratio “training program – number of participants – cost”.

In addition to these two parameters, also important for management systems training are process parameters such as:

  • a convenient training schedule. Now it is not always possible to participate in training during working hours, most often, especially for training managers, it is convenient to study, for example, during school hours or on weekends. OREX conducts training according to an individual agreed schedule. Our recommendation here is

 training in management systems in short sessions of 3-4 hours for several days / weeks

It is a proven fact that the effectiveness of training is highest in the first 1-2 hours, and after that, the ability to perceive information is greatly reduced. This is why we apply the second rule:

  • training with examples, practical tasks, in relation to the processes and the organization of the customer

In the photo for the post and below is a photo from the corporate 5S training


Obuchenie po sistemam menedzhmenta


After 1-2 hours of discussions, we get down to practice, “forcing” the participants to create draft decisions on the management system for their organization. The huge number of trainings and consulting projects that we have conducted help us to select examples that our customers can understand.

  • individual training programs in management systems

The phrase “Individual training in management systems” may sound too annoying, but this is a process that we are especially proud of. We have eliminated the main disadvantage of training, when from the entire proposed program the participant needs only one part, or vice versa, he needs to deepen into certain topics. We determine the training program and the time for consideration of the topic together with our customers. It is very important for us that regardless of whether OREX conducts corporate training IATF 16949, individual training in FMEA quality management methods or any QMS training, each topic of the training program would be useful and could be applied in the customer management system.

If you share the principles of training described in this article, you can order training in management systems in our company.

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