Online Consulting

My first online consultation experience is done.

There are some positive aspects:

  • Online consultations are very good for planning in schedules of many managers. It is much easier to agree on a timeline!
  • Since distance interviews are very clearly planned regarding questions,  documents for analysis, necessary personnel, time is used efficiently, the time loss for searching an employee or a document is excluded as much as possible.
  • The discussion is more polite, online discussions don’t allow speaking at the same time, interrupt the interlocutor😀.
  • Sometimes the staff forgets to turn off the microphone and you can hear real opinions, doubts, objections😀😀😀, which are not always expressed directly.

Of the minuses:

  • It is more difficult to analyze documents.
  • It is harder to convince, motivate, as there is no direct personal contact with participants.
  • Sitting in front of a computer is difficult, you need to move, to do some kind of exercises.

This is a very interesting and useful experience, the first step to the forms of consultation of the future.

Thanks to all the customers!

Please contact us at orexconsulting@gmail.com for online consulting!


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