Staff control or careful monitoring over staff’s operations

We live in a time when cameras are installed everywhere: on roads, in front of entrances, in production facilities (and here not only in workshops, but also in dining rooms, for example). Many managers told me about the positive effect after installing the cameras: staff productivity has increased due to control of “breaks”.

Moreover, such mass control is more a Russian phenomenon than the international best practice. The best practice is to monitor the operations, robots and equipment in the production, to do careful staff monitoring.

This means in practice that:

  1. There is no need for universal and equal control over each group of staff.
  2. Increasing staff productivity should be decided by other methods: the correct distribution of functions and processes, the definition of clear results and deadlines for the work, the creation of optimal work places etc.
  3. The process should be monitored in places where risks exist. Such areas may be:
  • assembly area. This will help to avoid litigation with consumers regarding under-investment, picking errors in orders.
  • points of transfer of responsibility for material values, for example, transfer of products from production to a warehouse; loading finished products into vehicles for transfer to a carrier, etc.
  • machines and operator’s workstations in cases where one operator serves several machines, and constant monitoring of the machine’s work, supply of material and packaging to the line is required.

The “image” of the control process itself should become positive. You can use results of the analysis of videos of different shifts to encourage teams with the best results, speed.

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