Technical audit

Technical audit provision is one of the services provided by OREX experts. We conduct technical audits to prepare organizations for their audit or as auditors on behalf of manufacturing organizations.

A technical audit is an audit that assesses the quality management system, production processes, the state of infrastructure, workplaces, as well as the technological capabilities of the enterprise, including the qualifications of personnel and the use of outsourcing processes. Thus, conducting a technical audit:

  • concentrates on technical aspects, technology, quality control and ensurance. Issues of labor protection, strategy and development, social practices are not considered
  • is implemented by experts with knowledge of production processes (often in the requirements for auditors – engineering education, work experience or auditing of certain industries). Sometimes technical experts with detailed expertise in technology, inspection and testing methods are involved in a technical audit.
  • considers the performance, accuracy, reproducibility of equipment results.

This type of audit is accordingly often used for audits of manufacturers of complex equipment and systems. The term “technical audit” is also used to refer to quality system audits (not social audits).

A technical audit usually ends with a decision to start cooperation, for example, to place an order for the production of equipment.

A technical audit program for an equipment manufacturer, for example, might be as follows:

  1. Opening meeting
  2. Presentation of the enterprise, including presentation of production equipment and capabilities
  3. Presentation of work on quality assurance to the organization
  4. Assessment of requirements in the following areas:
  • Quality system documentation
  • Organizational structure
  • The state of work on the design of equipment
  • Technological documentation
  • Personnel qualification
  • Planning
  • Incoming control of materials, components
  • Production
  • Technical condition of the main equipment and measuring instruments
  • Storage facilities
  • Interaction with third-party organizations.
  1. Closing meeting.

The technical audit ends with summing up, a discussion of the identified findings in the quality system of the enterprise. Since a technical audit is usually carried out for suppliers, the results of the audit can be presented for signature to the audit representative of the audited organization within the closing meeting.

The technical audit report consists of 2 parts: a description of the capabilities of the enterprise, its strengths and weaknesses, the experience of implemented projects; assessment according to the established audit criteria. A report is an often filled out audit checklist with comments and revealed nonconformities.

In response, the audited organization analyzes the root causes of nonconformities (again, a frequent requirement is to perform a root cause analysis using the 8D method), develops corrective actions and determines the deadlines and responsible persons for the implementation of corrective actions.

How to prepare for a technical audit?

  • The objective is to implement and develop a quality management system, implement quality management methods. Pay special attention to priority topics such as:
  • technical capabilities
  • control program
  • nonconformity management
  • product development and change management.
  • Work out traditional “weaknesses”, prepare answers and processes to the auditor’s questions on the following topics:
  • qualification of personnel, personnel with unique qualifications and their replacement
  • management and acceptance of the results of outsourcing processes.

 Do not hesitate to contact our company: we will conduct a technical audit, the necessary training of personnel, we will carry out the necessary preparatory measures that will make the technical audit a success. Our experience since 2005, work in international, transnational and big Russian companies allows us to guarantee successful preparation for any technical audit.




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