Visual Control

When choosing any product, the first thing we see and evaluate is its appearance. Therefore, for manufacturers struggling for customer satisfaction it is very important to know how their product is visually evaluated by the customer and only then by its function and taste properties.

Why visual control is considered to be the most difficult tool?

The human eye is one of the most complex human organs and is a unique in terms of perception of the surrounding world. As a result, the visual perception is very individual.

When we speak about inspection of visual products, we mean that the person should check the quality and compliance of the product by looking at it and evaluating its visually.

But is it possible to evaluate with the same eyes what is very individual? All complex tools require very careful adjustment, and absolutely the same applies to the eyes.

How to develop the correct visual inspection process?

  • First of all, you need to make sure that the inspectors have no physical limitations (color blindness, shortsightedness, farsightedness, etc.), since such restrictions are unacceptable for a certain type of control.
  • Next, check the availability of visual master samples, defect catalog, and border samples and make sure that they are used correctly and the inspection method is available.
  • Special attention should be paid to the process of sample management, which is itself a very complicated process. It is necessary to identify and apply correctly such aspects as: the number of samples, storage location, storage method, storage time, identification, and staff training rules.
  • The best is when the training process is organized in the way that it takes 20% as theory and 80% as practice. Training should be as close as possible to the production conditions. Special characteristics management and archiving should be included in the visual inspection training course. After the training is completed, check the effectiveness.

Finally check the correctness of visual control configuration. This can be done by using MSA method (analysis of measurement systems). MSA is the methodology to assess the performance of the inspectors, environment, inspection methods and measurement tools.

Today the importance of the visual inspection is underestimated. Many companies are” stewing in their own juice” forming the rules of visual inspection independently, without looking back at the world experience and available best practices. And what is the result? Businesses are suffering losses for years either from “excessive quality” or insufficient quality, receiving customer complaints related to visual characteristics.

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