You are getting audited

An audit is always an experience, an opportunity to find out the requirements of a client or supervisory authorities, to receive an external assessment from an experienced expert.
Of course, the audit needs to show the organization and system in the best possible way, which means that it is necessary to prepare for the audit. We will consider 2 areas of preparation:
✔️ how to train staff
✔️ how to prepare processes and documents.

Recommendations for the behavior of the staff during the audit:
1️⃣ Experienced staff should answer the questions of the auditor. Eliminate all newcomers from the audit participants❗!
2️⃣ Personnel with responsibility for the processes should answer the questions of the auditor. Do not make the head of the sales department the sole accompanying person of the auditor❗! The participation of process owners and heads of departments demonstrates to the auditor  involvement of staff in the quality management system.
3️⃣ Provide detailed answers, all the rules for the implementation of processes, documents, points of quality control and decision-making.
4️⃣ Don’t give the auditor the folder with documents, show only one example, one document!
5️⃣ Repeat the terminology of ISO9001 , IATF16949❗ In my practice, failures in audits were often associated with a misunderstanding of the terms “validation”, “visual control”, “context”, “preventive action”, “product audit”, “speсification”, “quality agreement” etc.

To be continued…




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What is the task?

The audit target:

How many people are in the audit area?

What is the training topic?

How many days the training should last as per your opinion?

Form of the training?

The level of participants’ knowledge?

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